Black Training Leash
Black Training Leash

Black Training Leash

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 Handmade in our workshop in Muskoka, Ontario.

A slip lead is the simplest way to control a dog and is a safe and gentle version of a prong or choke chain. Slip leads are a combination of a leash and a collar in one easy-to-use design. Slip leads adjust to the size of any dog’s neck and make it impossible for dogs to get out of them. The slip lead should fit around the back or base of the ears and the area under the jaw.  The base of the neck and chest is the strongest part for pulling. The dog is unable to pull you when the slip is up behind the ears.
Leashes in the Canadiana Cottage Collection are handmade with Canadian-manufactured double braided nylon rope + the rope ends are finished using Canadian-manufactured 7-strand paracord in reflective black. Offered in silver or gunmetal finish.

Our tags are handcrafted in Montreal, Quebec + are made from water repellant + renewable bark cloth.

Made with durable metal hardware.